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A Wist List

Our Advent activities are going along swimmingly, although I am not so good at keeping up on the busy weekend days. As result, my crafty-kenzie-nap times have been eaten up with recording the events, loading pictures, etc. Sheesh..blogging is a time-consuming hobby! With all the shopping for the Christmas season, etc. I haven't made squat! And, the choas of the Christmas season seems to have squelched my creativity anyway. So there...

But, I have been using this tool quite a lot. First, it was just a narcissistic means of tracking all the stuff that I stumple across and desperately love. Lately, it's been useful for conveying kiddo wishlist stuff (to gift givers), since the girl seems to already have every plaything on the planet. But, this Wist List feature is pretty cool as it allows you to track items all over the internet (even Etsy!!). I've ditched my old Amazon wishlist, because well...Amazon doesn't seem to meet my comphrehensive wishlist needs.

Check it out and make your own:

I had the Tord Boontje plates on there this year and was lucky enough to get them last night from my generous mother-in-law!! Now, I can use them for my early Christmas celebration (with my family) this weekend!! I've loved Tord for years - he's always been a link on my sidebar...but the new Target trend of carrying his designs only amplifies how cool his stuff is! I'm so excited to have gotten the dishes!

I've added a Wist List to my links on the right, which will make public all of my "ooh's and aaaah's!" of favorite objects found on the web.

**The only glitch with this...is that it doesn't remove the item from the wishlist when it's been satisfied or purchased. It also does not track when the sizes you originally selected are sold out. I got an XL sweater as a gift for my birthday, when I'd originally added the size Medium to my wishlist. So be wary of this...as gift givers may be confused, and your wanted items might be long...long...gone by the time someone looks into buying them on your behalf. I've seen folks use these as a means of tracking creative ideas as well. You can add virtually anything to this wish list!

And this concludes my shameless plug of my most favorite internet shopping tool.... :)



Blogger beki said...

Cool beans! That's so neat!!

10:45 AM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

Fun! A few of my friends and I were just talking about how we've ditched our previous "I don't know what to buy me. I don't need anything" routines with the holidays because we always end up with junk we don't want and don't need. Instead, this year we made specific lists with varied amounts and suggested charities. Much better for everyone involved!

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a cool little ticker thingee. I made lists for my family this year -- that would have been handy.

I haven't seen the Tord plates in the store. I wouldn't have anyplace to put them anyway, so it is best that I not even see them! I love some of the lights that he's done in the past -- wish I could afford one!

11:40 PM  

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