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Quilts for the Kims

The tragedy faced by the Kim family was especially touching on so many levels. The loss of life, a father, a friend, a husband. He was so young. Bad things aren't supposed to happen to good people that are that young. Or, at least I liked to think that they didn't. My husband and I have been fond of driving our little family into unknown depths just for the sake of private camping. Through snow and mud, & sometimes alone. The dangers seemed benign at the time, but the passing of James Kim has given that a different perspective for me. Suddenly, I realized more profoundly that although we are young, we are not immune to simple life altering mistakes and even tragedy.

I know that I was -only one- of the millions who envisioned themselves doing what James Kim did. Not only did he lose his life so that his family might live...but he did bring so many in the world a tiny bit closer. I imagine that through this family's suffering... we were all drawn a bit closer to our spouses. I imagine we all hugged our children especially snug. I imagine there are more, than just I, who felt something in common with the Kim family. Those few days after Thanksgiving are ones that still weigh heavily on my mind. I cannot begin to imagine the magnitude of loss, as it is faced in totality by the Kim family.

There is an auction of handmade artisan goods being conducted to benefit the family. I was still pondering what I could make, when it was announced that the auction was full!! I noticed this quilt effort building some time ago and I have decided to join it - in the event the finished memento might bring some solace to the family.

22 people have been assigned to create one, 12x12 inch, quilt block that coordinates with a border/backing fabric.
• 2 crib size quilts will be created. I've been assigned to building a block for Sabine's quilt.
• The Quilt blocks are due by January 19th.
• We're also to send a short note along with the block to place in a little album which will be sent along with the quilts.



Blogger African Kelli said...

I love that this is being done. I pray for them and for the climbers on Mt. Hood right now. I just cannot imagine.

10:02 AM  

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