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La Belle

I've posted our first Advent activity photos on Kenzie's doodles ..if anyone is interested. We did create our paper chain yesterday with an activity named per link. I took pictures, but not fabulous ones. I mean, how fabulous can you get when you are making a paper-chain with a 2.5 year old? I made it as simple as possible (so that she could help), utilizing some of my fabulous paperscraps, and...a stapler. Kenzie manned the stapler, and thankfully, I report: there were no injuries. :) We have a pretty {simple} little Advent chain as result. Next year we'll do something more fabulous as we hope this will build into a tradition for us.


Yesterday was a snow-filled day. My mailbox was actually frozen solid and I couldn't get it open. Today, when the key-hole thawed, I was surprised by this package!

Gina of La Belle shared a wonderful sheet-music find with me (and several other folks, I believe). I'm not musical, at all, but I love the appearance of sheet music. She sent me many books of vintage music. All unique and gorgeous and perfect for collage projects, etc. It was wrapped all charming & pretty and she included this glitzy ornament which is now hanging on my Christmas tree.

Thanks Gina!!! (and I'll be sending a "thank you" package to her soon..)



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I love me some advent activities! I am so excited for the holidays this year!!

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