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Creative Juices...again.

Rather than mindlessly wandering the internet, I want to buckle down on some creative projects. It's nice to shut my mind off - but, I hate that I feel like I wasted a whole evening (or 12) by spending my entire night on the internet. I've been avoiding crafting as I haven't been able to afford the MESS that I typically make. Screw it. I'll just demonstrate a bit of self control and clean as I go. Note to self: My next house, will SO have a creation station. There's nothing better than having one spot (and not 4 different closets) where your craft stuff is stored...and running projects waiting for your return!

I like lists. They keep me motivated. My never ending list has been freshly revised...
These things have been building themselves in my brain & I shall list them here, so I shall not forget:

1. Explore lettuce edging and button embellishments on T-shirts. Sounds fun.
2. Participate in Month of Softies.
3. Turn fabric stacks for Kenzie clothing -- into actual clothing.
4. Design an invite to the Baby Shower we volunteered to host. (and then move on to the cake, decorations,menu, etc.)
5. Design a mini-quilt (for framing) for a Baby gift.
6. Participate in Tie one On.
7. Design a Cousins Communication Journal.
8. Catch Kenzie's lifebook up (month 1 - through current. COME ON ALREADY!)
9. Paint the bathroom a lovely color.
10. Create a bug textile art relief for Kenzie's room.
11. Design cards using fabric textile badges, quilting, and applique.
12. Design cards with fabric and bleach characters.
13. Embellish skirt/pants with Clorox bleach pen. (mendhi designs)
14. Create Adoption finalization gift (another textile art piece)
15. Create 4 Precious Princess Birthday Gifts.
16. Talk Nana B. into making a ying-yang quilt one of these days. :)
17. Particpate in Backtack II. Stalk Backtack III (to be announced in April, '06).
18. Explore Iron-on Transfers for Color Fabrics (using my HP Photosmart inkjet printer), and use other dyes and machine stitchery to personalize/embellish fabrics.
19. Try making marble magnets like: http://www.notmartha.org/tomake/marblemagnets.html.
20. Make some funny little animal pouches.
21. Make some funny little animals with wool, felt, or terry cloth.
22. Design an art smock for Kenzie out of Oilcloth. The budding little artist in her quickly makes a mess out of a good outfit!
23. Design Christmas ornaments for two flickr swaps that I signed up for. Mail by end of November.
24. Design Christmas swap parcel for Paula Foschia. Mail by end of November.
25. Purchase The Artists Way Book, for the new Flickr group. Prepare to be inspired.
26. Create a puppet show and puppets.
27. Creation Station! Make plans for craft stuff to be relocated to ONE room & make it mine...all mine!
28. Play around with my infant gift ideas. I can not afford store bought gifts for all the new babes being birthed. (&/or work on the guilt complex of not sending gifts to everyone!! )



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