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Wednesday Night Anxiety..

While waiting for my husband to arrive for Thanksgiving, I took some of my anxious tensions out on a few crafty projects.

Kitty Collage:
I'm involved in a few "swaps" and one person I am supposed to reward with a little gift is a cat lover. I created this little relief with her in mind. It can be adhered to a pillow, book, or framed -- or will lend itself to her own ideas. Heck, it'll fit in the trashcan too, if that's her preference.

And, I created this little flower to embellish one of my stocking caps. I have several necklaces that I LOVED, however, I should have known better than to wear them around Kenzie. This particular piece was ripped from the chain... twice... and I couldn't repair it the second time. I've got several other ideas for this kind of piece - but will probably work on them in the coming week when my husband has departed yet again... I'll again be using deconstructed jewelry to invent new life for the broken baubles.



Blogger beki said...

The kitties are cute! How could anyone put those in the trash???

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Paula Foschia said...

Oh, I LOVE the kitties!

7:12 AM  

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