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Obviously, I've been working on sprucing the place up a bit, and the blog banner is (this) my latest crafty creation.

My daughter's nickname is "Doodle"..and we call her doodle-bug, doodle, noodle-doodle, etc. That's why my blogs are called Kenzie's doodles -&- Mama's doodles.

So, tell me... I did all this because I wanted a less generic blog -- AND, because I was trying to correct the size of my font so that it was more readable. It looks fine from my computers - but others have mentioned the old version was a wee bit tiny for them.

I'm also noticing that some borders show up on my Mac, that don't show on my PC..and my font is 'fancy' on the PC, but reverts to a bland style on my Mac. Go figure...I guess I can't win it all.



Blogger rungirlrun said...

We call Tootie doodle or noodle or doodle-noodle or doodie-nude. I think it started because she is so long like a noodle. funny.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous lyn said...

I love your banner. : )

4:41 PM  
Blogger buytrafficforblog said...

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1:48 PM  

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