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Mod Bird.

When creating the bird ornaments below, I cut out another - which my hubby deemed as too large. (to be appropriate on an X-mas tree).

Having gone to the trouble of cutting out all the pieces..I didn't want him to go to waste.

Here is my mod bird finished.

He's of my typical style...all fabric on cardboard backing. Hand stitched with floss. Some machine stitching added for more drama. Button for an eye.

What to do with him now???



Anonymous andi said...

You could mount him on a wreath for your door? I think he's gorgeous and if he's too big for your tree you should get a bigger tree!!! :-)

BTW, thanks for being one of the only people that's signed my guestbook without trying to sell drugs of dubious use to society or other such tasteless treasures...

1:40 AM  
Blogger molly said...

I love the mod bird...I found your blog today through some random linking...but in the end, you read a lot of the same blogs that I do! You've got some really neat stuff in your flickr album, too!
For some reason, my computer is making the font on your blog SUPER small, but I loved looking at all the pix.
Glad I found your blog today!

3:11 PM  

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