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Hi, I'm Stacy...and I'm a blog-aholic.....

Generally, I do something creative in the evenings after Kenzie goes to bed ~ but lately I couldn’t face the fabric bomb that I seemingly detonate throughout my house whenever I get crafty. Fabric, pins, machines, scissor, beads, & more fabric everywhere!!! Instead, I have been mindlessly wandering the internet. Oh. My. Gawd. There is a wealth of eye candy handmade goods, witty people, (and even senseless trash) out there! It’s like a spider web of possibility...I’m trapped, wandering each web connection, and (sigh) I -don’t think- I want to escape!

I used to limit myself to a daily blog route of 10 favorites on my Explorer Link Bar. I’d conduct my tour looking for new posts over a morning coffee, while on a mind-numbing phone call, or maybe while cooking dinner. This week, I discovered Bloglines.com – where you can subscribe to your favorite blog feeds. No longer must I ..wander.. to each site to see if there is a new post. Bloglines indicates when there is new material on the sites I’ve subscribed to. And, since they’ve made it so easy – this here Junkie proceeded right on out for more “fixes.”

Since my high school girlfriend, Cindy, is probably not afraid of being a skapegoat, I’m pinning the blame on her. She clued me in to dooce.com, which I still read. My gosh, that Heather is a fascinating ball o’ fire!! I’d tripped on a few other artists sites/diaries before that, and from the exhausting link list on the left – one might assume that I’m fairly experienced at wasting time online. I thought I had safeguards in place to keep that under control (i.e. the 10 blog rule) – but bloglines just enabled the addict. Bloglines has Pushed. Me. Over. The. Edge. I mean, I have a Master’s in Counseling for cripes sakes. I can realize impulse control issues where they exist. Chuckle, chuckle.

One of these days I shall most definitely do a little house-keeping in my link column and give some credit to these girls. Amazing women who do what I love to do – often times, so much better than me. I glean inspiration from some, like the parenting views of others, and I’m happy calling the rest – my imaginary friends. I’ve swapped handmade items and comments with few, and by golly, some have even ogled my creations and/or darling toddler!

Fascinating finds...
Bird in the Hand
A girl who creates
Angry Chicken
Bella Dia
Bella Blue
Chunky Monkey
Hop Skip Jump
Littlest Flower
Run girl. Run.
tag sale tales

Also, some folks (thanks MollyChicken and Chunky Monkey) have informed me that my comments section was unfriendly to non-bloggers. I have opened up comment capabilities to anyone. So, feed my addiction with more inspirational sites....say hi....or just admit you’re lurking here. (yes, I know there are readers...or perhaps just one avid follower who visits 62 times a day?? he..he..)

If that’s the case, I guess we both need to be referred straight to a good blog-aholics group.....



Anonymous andi said...

I read your blog. I read lots of blogs. I am also a blogaholic. My blogreader of choice is Mozilla Thunderbird. I have loads of feeds and my email all in one place. I watch you when you post, I see your photos... oh my gawd... I'm even scaring myself now :-( I do like my daily dose of inspiration from the web though... I'm so inspired I like to get inspired more, so much so that I never get around to making anything all those inspirations have inspired me to make. OK. I'm dizzy now. goodnight! :-) BTW - I always have to increase my font size when I read your blog in Firefox - am I just getting old, or what? BTW II - I'm in Australia which is why it looks like I posted this at 5:00am... I'm not *that* much of a blogaholic.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Stacy said...

Hi Superminx! :) I'm trying to figure out the font size issue for you. I've changed it in the template and it looks bigger and then it seemingly reverts back to tiny type when I open a new window. Hmnnn... It looks fine on one of my computers and itsy bitsy on another though - so maybe it's specific to the viewer? (Ironically, when I view your site -it's in itsy bitsy type too). I'm not so good with the Html stuff though, so I'll play around with it. I will check out Mozilla Thunderbird tonight. Thanks!

Looks like no other readers are ready to admit their blog-addiction however... ~S

2:54 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

oh, that's sweet of you to include mine! if you keep reading it so often you'll soon be speaking portuguese, haha! :)

6:32 PM  
Blogger rungirlrun said...

Thanks for including me. I'm honored. If you'd like another blog to read about me, not that I'm self absorbed or anything. I actually started this one first then started the Run girl one.

I don't post any crafty stuff on it. It's mostly about my life and being a multi-racial family.

10:23 PM  

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