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New Holiday: Backtack Day!

I received my backtack goodies today. I'm sad that I don't have time to give them the full credit that they deserve. Here's a fairly awful photo of them, but I'm busy preparing for several days away from home and work.

My partner, SUE!! of Giant Dwarf really spoiled me. I saw the postman walking to my door and I immediately started salivating. Didn't know if it would be a birthday gift (nov. 1) - or my backtack stuff, and yet... it couldn't have been a better surprise! I had meant...(really, I had such good intention)...to photograph everything so beautifully packaged. But I was overcome by all the delicious curiosity that I forgot. My husband watched over me and says "This is better than Christmas for you, isn't it??"

I couldn't be more thrilled. Everything is just yummy. The fabrics are right up my alley..and the ideas she built for me are already churning. I'm actually disappointed that I'll be leaving on vacation tomorrow as I want to immediately start playing! The bag is so "me" - and lovely. And buttons...the buttons! Buttons are an addiction of mine. I get way too excited about buttons. And, all the wrapping details with little typed tags. AMAZING.

She created a "kit" that will lend itself well to many creations. There's fabric and cards to embellish as I choose. And, she sent dye and printer transfer stuff so that I can really jazz up some fabric. SO Exciting!

I have a confession to make. I love surprises, and yet, am quite the detective with very little patience for the "waiting." (with apparently too much time on my hands, as you'll note in my previous post). I happened on Sue's blog and have been neurotically checking it - as I had a thought that "she" might be "her." She left no room for confirmation of that until things actually arrived - but, in my introductory e-card, she said "yeah for handmade! yeah for back-tack II !!!" and then I saw that exact statement in a blog post. The wheels started churning with that connection...and I've been sitting on pins and needles wondering if I was right. And, darn it...if she never blew her cover on her blog. She kept me wondering until today. SO fun!

Anyway, here's thanking Sue so BIG! I hope a fellow backtacker treats her just as well!! I'm VERY pleased....



Blogger sue said...

i had so much fun putting that together for you! some inside info on the kit: a little secret about the snap & fold knitting bag - you can snap it up to make a pouch for your yarn when you are on the go so it doesn't roll all over! and the buttons, those are from my personal vintage collection! have a blast and don't forget to post your finished products!

yeah for handmade! yeah for back-tack II!

3:39 PM  

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