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Have you heard of Picnik, the free online photo editor? I've used it sporadically in the past. I signed up to be a beta tester a long time ago and was just notified that I'm "in."

These photos didn't really need much editing, but it's fun to just play around with all the tools that I don't have in other programs (like a Holga or Lomo Lens as seen here). The site also reads your flickr and Picasa web albums, which is totally handy.

Anyway - it appears that they are looking for more beta testers. To request being added to the list - leave them "feedback" from within Picnik.



Blogger Heidijayhawk said...

sounds cool. i'll have to head over and check it out.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Wow! Your photos are great.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Java Mama said...

Great photos as usual. Kenzie looks so big suddenly - longer/ taller. I am noticing it a lot with my girls too. Not sure if it is the age or the realization that E & A aren't "the babies" for much longer.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Shena Leonard said...

Hi -
These are some great photos!!

I'm finally replying to your question about 2nd kids, let the rambling begin. (=

To help prepare Riley for the new baby we spent a lot of time looking at scrap books from when he was a baby (scrapbooks the second one doesn't have...)and telling stories about how much babies need to be held and how they need to eat all the time, etc. He was always super excited about the baby on the way and ready to help out. For the most part he took the transition very well - especially because I couldn't even put him to bed for a few weeks because I couldn't get into his bed with my c-section stitches. BUT, there were definitely sad days - like when he said that he guessed playing with him wasn't as important anymore now that we had a baby. He wasn't even mad, just matter of fact. It broke my heart, so I started telling him a couple of times a day that I had something super-important I needed him to do. When he came over I gave him tons of hugs and kisses. We also made sure to take him out to dinner and stuff a few times while my mom and dad watched Cabot.

The best advice I can give is try your best to make Kenzie still feel important and feel like she's involved. Let her get the bottles out of the fridge and pick out the baby's outfits each day. Then be ready to give her lots of hugs when she feels left out - because no matter what you do she will at some point. )=

Also, a note about being the mom of 2. The first few months can feel very overwhelming, I guarantee you'll have some days where you think you will never be able to make it and that you were crazy thinking you could take care of two kids. But, you will make it - Cabot just turned one and we made it. Make sure to get a babysitter (grandparents are the best!) and get out sometimes too! I always find I love my kids more after I have been away from them for a couple of hours. (=

Hope something in my rambling will help. Congrats again!!
Shena (=

8:51 PM  

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