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Clarifications, review, & stuff

To clarify - (for those folks who thought I was a nut-job declaring that tutu as "botched."
The tutu was supposed to have this lovely sort of scalloped bottom. With ribbon ties that cinched it up to as high as the little princess wanted. I put in the cinches, which sucked. Then noted that it looked odd, as the uncinched spots dangled down too far. I then took the machine and permanently pinched in spaces in between, thinking it would be another perfect solution...and much easier. It ended up just being a mess of a cinched bottom - that just doesn't hang like I envisioned it would. It wasn't worth the effort. Not at all. SO - to Kenzie it goes!

I've also wanted to say thanks to the new commenters for the cheerleading. Everybody loves comments, eh? I'd tell you this in person but, those of you with blogger accounts don't seem to be linked to blogs. Anyway.

The sweet Melissa sent me some great pictures of her guy wearing one of my tails. I just love Melissa's words. She's got such a colorful way with them. And, she "reviewed" my tail over here . That was a pleasant surprise. Thanks Melissa.

I think I need to make a "gallery" of kiddos wearing my garb?

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Blogger Heidijayhawk said...

everyone loves comments! i know ido! its so nice to know you have cheerleaders out there on your side! keep up the good work!

12:03 PM  

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