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In response to that post about the other skirt I made (which I really should have taken a close-up of the trim on that one. It's really the only reason why I couldn't part with it. It's gorgeous!)... Anyway, back to referencing the post: it was the one where I was basically whining, sniffing, and sniveling over the clothes in my closet that don't fit anymore... Andi kindly suggested that I should get over it already.. and clear the closet.

She was right. Shortly after 8:03 a.m. when I read her comment, I plopped my daughter in the big tub for a bath, and while she was playing around the corner, I weeded out about 1/2 of the clothes. I applied the - "if I haven't worn it in the past year it's not staying" rule, without regard to whether it was a size 4, 6, or ahem...my current size.

It was liberating! Although, I am feeling a wee bit twitchy about it - as the bags are still sitting in the garage. Sigh. Most of it was "working girl" clothes, and since I now work in yoga pants, etc. every day - they just aren't worth the extra baggage. Right?? My husband's side of the closet is WAY fuller than mine now. And, for some reason - that just feels so very wrong.

Now. I dunno know why I always want to do this to pants/jeans??? I love skirts. That's probably the root cause. But, every so often I do think..."hmmn. This pair of pants would be better as a skirt." I don't know if it's truly a good thing, but it's a different thing...and so here I go again:

The toddler was swarming me again as I tried to catch myself in a shot. And, the light upstairs was poor. So, I got crazy and stood on an ottoman in front of another mirror. The closer shot... shows better the insanity.

Being a mental health professional and all... I wonder if there is medication for such spontaneous urges to make pants into something they aren't supposed to be?? To avoid another bout with this kind of thing...I think I'll step away from the sewing machine and watch a Netflix movie instead. My husband is away for one more evening...and I best get in a chick-flick. Albeit, whilst wearing my new skirt!

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Blogger Java Mama said...

Glad you did the purge. It is liberating. I have done it a couple of times since the girls arrived and found a randon suit in the closet the other day. THE LAST ONE. It quickly went into the bag for AMVETS since I won't be wearing a suit, other than a bathing suit, for a long, long time. The reinvented skirts are great. I love the green one - it appears much more child friendly.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Heidijayhawk said...

super cute skirt chica! my hubby's side of the closet is WAY fuller than mine. i've been home for 6 years now and my closet contains far more shorts, capris, and yoga pants than my old accountant suits and skirts. sigh. but i can guarentee that i am far more comfy than he is...always!

4:32 PM  
Blogger beki said...

Another adorable skirt!

7:55 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Love what you did to the pants...I think the skirt looks great! I can definitely relate to the need to purge my clothes closet. I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years now and I'm still hanging on to clothes that are too small or not needed! My husband's side of the closet is also WAY fuller than mine too...and I agree it just feels wrong! Think I'll try to push past that feeling and bag up what I don't wear - just like you did!

11:32 AM  

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