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Horsey Tail

A fun little - yet highly challenging project - is a horse tail. A gal requested it through Etsy. This is the second version I made, which I'm kinda happy with.

It's for a 2 year old boy. Boys are hard! I could have jazzed it up with ribbons, etc. - but went with the multicolored "hair" instead, to keep it from heading to the girlie side.

Toddler woke up grumpy, refused pants - but by golly I persevered with a picture anyway. This required a candy bribe. Sigh. And she gets the first horse tail attempt by default. What's she got to be grumpy about???

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Blogger laura capello said...


and perfect for a boy. they don't like no stinkin' ribbons.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...


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