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Stocking caps

In preparation to the severe weather changes coming TODAY, I had this grand idea about making some stocking caps out of old sweaters. I destroyed my least favorite of the sweaters to test-drive the idea. I envision these heavily embellished of course. Obviously, they haven't quite reached that stage yet. :)
Our weather is dropping from the balmy upper 60's.. to the freezing rain and low 20's (with possible snow), by the way.

Living in California for the last several years means we don't have a stockpile of winter clothing. We've gotten some fabulous hand-me-downs for the kidlet, but I don't have too many warm & stylish hats. These were designed with the kid in mind, but they also stretch just enough to fit my head. (not that I'm going to be wearing hats with pom-pom poofy elements to them though!)

I always have trouble photographing stuff like this. It looks lifeless laying on a table or floor. But, I nearly had to duct-tape my daughter to the floor to take these shots. And, then, I only caught one photo before it was yanked of her head - and she proclaimed: "THERE. DONE!!" And the shots aren't terribly good either.

These are two hats. One with a poof on top. One with piggie-tail type poofs on the sides. Both are fairly cute in real life and demonstrate that the hat idea wasn't totally absurd. The photographing a child in a hat idea -was- absolutely aburd. But, the making hats (and even mittens) out of cool stripey, fuzzy, warm (hand-me-down or thrifted) sweaters is not.

Yet, another way that I've found to recycle and reinvent clothing. Why? I dunno.



Blogger African Kelli said...

Very cute! I used an old sweater to make my brothers wool gloves for christmas. Love them!

6:04 PM  

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