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Christmas has puked on my house!!

..and it's something I'm so excited about..that I'll write this post for the third friggin' time. The entire post keeps magically disappearing when I try to preview it. Silly me - is not even going to glance at the preview button this time....

I absolutely love Thanksgiving, but I think that most of my passion for that holiday is born of our tradition to decorate for Christmas the very next day. Kenzie and I were up bright and early on Friday tearing apart the house - in order to do this to it. My little family has moved every two years. From Kansas City, MO to Fresno, CA; to San Diego, CA; and back to the Midwest again (all in a four year span). And with the sale of three houses, they've always been on the market during the holiday season. So, I have not been able to give my Christmas decor the full gusto each of those years.

This year, Christmas has truly puked on my house. It looks gorgeous, despite the fact that we haven't yet gotten new paint on {more than} several walls. Because I can't preview this post (see above) and I have no idea which pictures fell where... so a summary of them is:
1. The mantle in our great room. Disregard the TV. Disregard the Husband watching the TV. If it hadn't been the "game of the year" I WOULD have made him shut it off, adjust the lighting, start a fire, and straighten the room a bit more. :) I still have a Santa collection which needs to nestle on the mantle.
2. Collections. I guess I should speak of them a bit. Somehow, I've managed to collect a great many Christmas things due to my mom and mom-in-law's generosity. I have Santa Clause collections, snow man ones, snow globes, nutcrackers, etc. I tend to sit everything with the rest of it's collection - on top of garland strung with lights, pinecones, fakey cranberry things, and silver glass balls. They are everywhere! So, here are just a few peaks at some of my favorite spots. I forgot to photo the dining room and the stairway banister which is garnished to the hilt. Heck, we even have Christmas in the bathroom!!!

I think I'm most excited about this pending holiday since Kenzie is 2.5, and this is the first year where she really, really "gets" things like this. She "oooohed and aaaaahed" so many times amidst the decorating extravaganza, and actually can keep her mitts off of the decorations that I tell her to leave alone. We did take a few spare decorations into her room even. We have lots of kid friendly things that she is able to play with all she wants though.

This year is important to me. We've got to do everything right now that she's formally paying attention. Like: the timing of the gift opening (Xmas Eve, Xmas morn?), the presents (does Santa wrap his gifts? Does he bring many? Or just one really special one?), etc. Finally, we're in the midst of memory making years and I find it humbling and horribly important to do things in a way that she'll be proud and excited about. Doug and I went shopping tonight and bought a decent load of gifts for the girl. We also had a nice dinner to ourselves, where we talked about our immediate family traditions and realized that we grew up doing things differently. Completely differently. So, we'll have to mix and mingle the traditions we both love best and design our own approach.

How do YOU do things? What are your favorite traditions? And, thanks in advance to anyone who offers insights.
Merry holiday decorating to you!!!



Blogger beki said...

How pretty everything looks! As much as I'd like to be, I'm not a big Christmas decorator (there's a whole post coming about that).

Our Christmas celebrations have evolved because Matt and I grew up doing things differently as well. One thing that we stared is emphasizing that Santa only brings 3 gifts - just like each of the three wisemen brought to baby Jesus. As of last year Santa doesn't wrap gifts. So under the tree on CHristmas morning are the 3 gifts from Santa, unwrapped, and a few gifts from us, wrapped. We spend Christmas Eve with Matt's family, attending Mass together, then we do Christmas with my family on Christmas day. The past few years we've done this at my house - I always told my mom that once I had kids I wasn't going anywhere on Christmas day because as a kid I hated leaving my toys to go visit relatives. So far everyone has been fine with that. It works for us.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous jennP said...

your decorations are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. i would love to have the space to se tup so many decorations. it all looks incredibly magical :)

my daughter is 4.5 and santa comes during the night and leaves some wrapped presents. i don't think my husband has many traditions other that Christmas dinner with his family. i come from a family of divorced parents and it was never really the same year after year... but i would have loved traditions! so far for my daughter, we have the advent calendar, the stocking every year and the excitement of Santa christmas morning. we also make a point of being VERY relaxed on christmas. we can stay in our pj's as long as we want and just enjoy what was discovered under the tree.

Happy holidays :)
(i read your blog weekly at least, but i dont think i have ever posted , i do love reading it however)

1:48 PM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

so, so pretty! My favorite decorations are natural. I went outside and scooped up handfulls of pinecones for the mantle. I also hung my stocking and put up my tiny tree.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Brianne said...

Best wishes on working out the differences in your holiday traditions! My husband and I face a similar situation in that since his family is either in NC, OH, TX, or NM, and we live in VA with my entire family - we'll never get to have a lot of "at home" family traditions since we'll be travelling from year to year. Not exactly my idea of fun, but I can't complain about going to see family!
Your home looks beautiful! Now if I could just get a tree up this year.... ;)

3:37 PM  

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