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Wrist Cuffs & Studio

I got carried away in my "Creation Station" today. I started by cleaning up bits of thread laying on the floor - which was nearly a shag carpet in itself...and then it turned into a full on organizational feat. The room has been organized within an inch of it's life. Now it needs to be painted. Desperately.

I completed some wrist cuffs for my Etsy shop last night. I'll be uploading those whenever the kidlet gives me the permission and time. I'll be listing them at $20 each and that will include shipping. I made five, summarized in the picture below:

***They were uploaded to Etsy at 9:00 tonight. To go shopping -- click on "Shop Mama's Doodles" over there on your right hand side....



Blogger Jo in NZ said...

Stacy, they look really good! I love the contrast of the white and red bindings. I hope they sell.
Good luck

5:22 PM  

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