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Thanks Paula!

Long ago - maybe a year? - I entered the Backtack II Swap and made friends with my swap mate, Paula Foschia. Paula and I chatted back and forth during the swap even though it was expressly against the rules... This is my Christmas package. Long story, but after the Backtack package I mailed her appeared lost in the mail for several months (but eventually arrived), we decided to swap another set of goodies around X-mas time. I sent my parcel, which arrived way before my backtack package did, and Paula, ahem, did not get hers mailed off.

Paula has relocated from Brazil to the United States to go to school and before she left - she mailed this package to me. Of course there was some drama involved when Paula made it to the United States long before the package did..but it's here now!!

Thanks Paula!! Kenzie loved all the candies and hair ties..and I can't wait to try some projects from the magazines and fabrics. It's quite an assortment of stuffs, and I shall sign off to go sort through all the lovelies..yet again. Here's wishing her the best of luck at law school in New York!

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