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Due to listing one of my little princess skirts on Ebay and finding the reaction to be not so overwhelmingly successful (it's on its final day, and there are no bids, albeit a few "watchers") I've gone forth with opening an etsy shop to make my first attempt at selling handmade goods. I'm glad I didn't list all three skirts, or I'd be really depressed at the investment in each listing!

I love the idea of finding my niche in the art & craft world, and selling something that I enjoy making. It's hard for me to narrow my creations into what's "marketable" and what's not, but in light of ebay's fees, I like what Etsy offers. I have confidence in my ideas and I really enjoy making unique things. For me, however, a struggle lies in the lack of instant gratification. I.e.: It hurts my feelings that my little skirt went unwanted on Ebay. It's so stinking adorable!! I've made several of them as gifts for others and was TOTALLY cheerleaded on by friends to sell them SOMEWHERE. And, in comparison to what I've seen (less adorable skirts sell for) and I, myself, paid for one - it's a steal! I'm embarrassed to tell the cheerleaders, that their advice sucked. :)

My Etsy shop will be located on my sidebar, under "Shop Mama's Doodles." Hopefully, I'll be concocting some really adorable items to add for sale there.....



Blogger Jo in NZ said...

Stacey, sorry you're feeling bummed about Ebay, however I think you are taking the wrong approach. You need to market yourself in your local community, at kindys, daycares, coffee groups, and for the friends of friends who have alreay received them as gifts. Nothing wrong with Etsy, I love looking, so give it a go, but get out there with some flyers done up on the computer, and Kenzie in her skirt, and you are bound to make money!!

6:01 PM  
Blogger beki said...

Aw Stacey, I know how you feel. That's why I've never tried to sell anything. Yeah, people ooo and ahhh all the time about the things I've made, but I don't feel it's realistic for me to sell stuff. I think my feelings are really going to be hurt when I open an etsy shop. I think jo's advice of trying to market yourself locally is a great idea. How about a children's boutique?

9:18 AM  
Blogger getzapped said...

It is frustrating getting started. I agree with jo in nz, that you need to find the right place for your work. The princess skirts are adorable! I recently got my digtal collages in local shops (tea shops, salon, flower shop) and haven't had much success, but it takes time. Don't give up - do what moves you and look around locally for the right venue(s)!

11:08 AM  
Anonymous pyglet (dani) said...

I know exactly how you feel. When you make something that is really nice and seems to get such positive feedback from lots of different people and then you put it out there and...NOTHING! It is very dissappointing and makes you second guess yourself.
I think that it is a slow process sometimes and you should market the product every way that you can. One of them will eventually be successful because there is no question they are absolutely gorgeous skirts!
I agree with 'getzapped' definitely don't give up!

5:48 PM  

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