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A Meme and craft(s)

Jo has tagged me to list 5 weird things about me (or my pets), and tag five others. So weird thing is, I have a really hard time thinking of things that qualify me as weird. I hope that's a good thing....

1. I haven't eaten red meat or pork for years. My dad is a hunter, and I have eaten some weird stuff he caught: turtle, rabbit, deer, strange fish & crustaceans from ponds, etc. I'm thinking he might have even fed me squirrel too, but I'll have to ask, as that might be a lie. I cut a lot of meat out of my diet after moving away from home. But every time I see a sausage McMuffin commercial on TV, I think heavily about reacquainting myself with more meat! Greasy. sausage. just. looks. so. yummy.

2. I don't like messes or chaos. Every object in my house has it's own "home," and then I often get so "organized" that I forget where something is stored. Having a Master's in Counseling, I know this verges on OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I like to think I use OCD to my advantage (except for when I lose things). I like tidiness A LOT. It's hard for me to leave Kenzie's toys alone as they scatter themselves about the floor. My home is perpetually tidy. This does not mean it's clean. Just tidy. And, thankfully, I don't have other OCD symptoms. I'm perfectly happy leaving doors unlocked, and germs on my hands. But, if something is a millicentimeter from it's "home" in my house - I. will. move. it.

3.  I will often be outside when others are exclaiming that the bugs are just "eating them up." I never ever get bitten. I think I must be toxic.

4. I have a cat, Cesi, who has some hygiene issues resulting from being stuck in my friends car wheel-well for 3 days before we adopted her. She was itsy-bitsy, and I surmise her mother never taught her to groom herself. Let's just say she drags her bum on the floor to remove the dingleberries - leaving skidmarks all over the place. She also gets matted fur on her back, because she never grooms herself. She's also mean. I guess the weird part is that we keep her!

5. Hmmn... I'm struggling here to come up with a fifth - and my other cat and dog are very normal. I almost told the whole internet that I only toot in my sleep, but I'll keep that to myself and my husband. Instead, I'll say that I like to blame my weight on all the gum I've swallowed in the past years (because I can't find anywhere else to dispose of it).

6. (an extra admission). I've been blogging for over a year and a half now, and I cannot ever. never. remember the language for writing in links within a post! I always have to consult my template, but am too lazy for that complication. Instead, I always end up saying the link is on the right hand side of my blog!! Jo, who tagged me, can be visited by clicking the link at the right side of my blog, folks! (see link: No matter where I go) :) She's a sweet gal who's given me some cheerleading and encouragement in my desire to sell my handmade goods. She does the most fabulous things with CQ (crazy quilt) pieces. And, to futher this admission --
I was going to tag five folks, however, the munchkin has awoken from her nap and I don't have time to look up the linking language to make note of them here. So, those five folks are spared. for now.

I do have some craft projects in the works, however my sis-in-law noticed my recent posts about the dolls I was making for her girls (she doesn't visit here often according to my stats, so I thought it was safe)...so I can't add any pictures of the finished dolls until they've been gifted. I've also got a few wrist cuffs mid-process, but I've been delayed by my need to obsessively re-do parts of them until they are perfect (yes, this would also apply to statement #2 above!!) -- and the fact that we are mid-way through redoing our two-level deck, which means I have to swap crafting for painting during the kiddo's hours asleep..... Sigh.

Completed projects coming soon!! Have a great week!



Blogger Jo in NZ said...

Thanks for sharing Stacy.
My first thought was, I wouldn't worry about the Mcdonalds Sausage...I doubt there is a shred of real red meat or pork in them! lol
and, stop obsessing (no , not about tidyness, haha) about the wrist cuffs being just perfect, you have to remember the hours you put in to what you will get back, and I'm sure they are only imperfect to your eye. I'm right, aren't I??

7:03 PM  
Blogger beki said...

Mmmmm, sausage! I too have eaten weird meats growing with a dad who hunts. I know for certain I've had squirrel and rabbit. Yuck!

9:53 AM  
Anonymous autum said...

Hi Stacy. Thanks for commenting at my blog, it gave me the opportunity to come and see your beautiful blog. Your work is lovely! I have attempeted this Meme before but had trouble thinking of 5 weird things. That's not saying there arent 5, heck there's likely 500. We just don't notice things about ourselves as weird, it's our norm. Your #5 really made me laugh because I nearly put something similar in my 100 things about me post but just couldn't do it. My husband teases me and says the same of me. Otherwise we are not a toot aloud family. I guess most would think that's weird. I swallow gum sometimes too.

8:42 AM  

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