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The LAST of the rag dolls

I've finished the last two dolls, which will be given to my niece's tomorrow afternoon. Since their family is in a car well into the evening tonight and their Mama won't be thinking of the computer tomorrow - I think they're safe to post now.

I really like these last two...although I must say .again. I lost my passion for making them after the first. My doll-making career is over. Phew. I did reassemble my Kenzalina doll after she was mauled by my in-laws dog. She got a pretty good shredding but was salvagable. She looks pretty much the same as she did originally.

These two were also *inspired* by Joybucket's dolls.

And for now..I won't be terribly crafty for awhile. I've been re-employed by my old agency to write clinical reports for the social workers whom I left with humongous case loads. I am also repainting our deck...and I need to complete a painting for Kenzie's room which I started eons ago. I don't have any craft projects on the horizon - but, that's usually when I suddenly get hit with a huge desire to make something. We shall see what's up next!!

Happy crafting Ladies! :)



Blogger beki said...

The dolls look great! Do pop in to give us an update, okay?

8:52 AM  

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