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For Sale

Funny story:
I got a good response to the little princess skirt I made for our friend's daughter, and many suggestions that I make them and sell them. I also got an email from a lady on flickr, which asked if I'd sell her one.

I'd purchased enough fabric for a few skirts, thinking I'd make some for my nieces - however, I learned that each skirt takes more fabric than I'd originally guessed -&- the nieces have a zillion princess skirts. So...

While emailing the lady about making one for her - I tell her I have the product for one other skirt. And, how about if I make it and see if she likes it. She said she'd prefer it in pink....but I say...well this one is going to be yellow. Let's see if it will work for you and then I can buy stuff for a pink one if you don't love it.

I made it. It's adorable. She still wants pink. Chuckle, chuckle.

I told my husband the story last night and he laughs at my salesmanship abilities. He likens the above story to going to a car lot and asking to buy a car. "I'd like to buy a car," you say. And the salesman replies: "Oh, how about a truck?" "or a go-cart," "or a motor boat, maybe??" "Or, this nice wagon?"

Duh, if a lady asks for pink. Give her pink.

And, as result, this little princess skirt is for sale. $25. Leave a comment or email me if you're interested (dinkelsATkcDOTrrDOTcom) (remove the AT and DOT's and replace them with the real thing. I don't want the bloggy-bots to find me.)

It measures: 12.5 inches from waist to bottom. Waist: is 14 inches of stretchy elastic. This will fit a toddler sized child and serve as a princess skirt, or a older child as a tu-tu. I'll pay for postage in the U.S. If it's an international mailing - we can work something out too! It's a glittery gold/yellow, with yellow flowers. It has a pinkish/orange rose. Pink and orange pokka-dot ribbon tie. I LOVE it.

And if you'd like one made especially for your little princess - feed me the details of your preference. I promise not to try and talk you into YELLOW!



Blogger Stacy said...

This particular little princess skirt has been spoken for now. :)

2:11 PM  

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