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Don't drink and cake decorate

Drunken Mama's should not decorate cakes.

We had to attend a birthday party on Saturday (for our little buddy Mia), and I had procrastinated the making of the birthday cakes for our own toddler's party. So, following toddler #2's party -- and a few too many beers -- this is what happened to my daughter's birthday cake(s). I also started decorating at 10:30 p.m. It was bound to go bad!!

We had the big people's cake.

We had the Kenzie Doodle's cake. (I make her own cake, so that she can stick her little fingers in it and make a big 'ole mess).

And, finally, we had the Meemer's (Mia's cake.) She shares a birthday with our daughter, and she got her very own cake too!

Last years ladybugs are the standout favorites. Next year, Mama will not be mixing beer with late night cake decorating!!

Those are supposed to be princess crowns.
And, note to self: when things go bad...M&M's and sugar sprinkles are not going to save the day!!



Anonymous beki said...

I think the cakes look fine - better than mine would look decorating while sober! Happy Birthday to your little one ;)

8:10 AM  

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