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Daily doodles

Here's something new I've been trying with the Kenzie girl. Recently, exhaustion had postponed our daily art attempts, which just wasn't okay with me or the girl.

In effort to create a regular nurturing artsy environment in which her mind can play....

At breakfast, she calls out a theme: the first thing that comes to her sweet little mind.
..each of us interprets it on note cards making our own little art pieces.
We're keeping a diary of the diptychs.

I'll aim to blog them occasionally, but find that I'm more apt to make the art time happen, if I cut myself some bloggy slack. If life gets in the way - so be it.

And, well... in all honesty, our diptychs haven't been totally aesthetically pleasing just yet. :)



Blogger Crystal said...

I loved your idea about chopping up your collection of holiday cards. We will have to try that. I also totally understand the time struggle between actually creating art with my child and blogging it. Having two children that are running around makes it even more crazy...but luckily one of mine still naps.

9:40 PM  

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