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The journey has begun!

The tail was one of about a zillion boxes I mailed today. It's making it's way on to these folks in the following order:
Melissa, Holli, Beki, Sam, Shena, Chris, Amanda, Lori, Linda, Heidi, Dawn..... and then back to me for a little "assessment" of it's condition before continuing it's journey. A refresher of the rules, and the photo collection can be found here . If you're participating and haven't joined the group yet.. don't forget to do that. You can swipe the button below if you'd like as well.

Thanks to: babygadget and Curiobot for other unexpected mentions (aka: boost in tail sales!). It seems lately that the tails are popping up everywhere on the internets. However, the journey of the traveling tail is sure to result in a lot more fun images. I can hardly wait to giggle along with the growing flickr group....

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Blogger Jada2929 said...

I hope it takes its own sweet time on the journey so it's actually above freezing and semi-sunny when it comes to Wisconsin. :)

Thanks for organizing this, I can't wait to see what everyone does with it.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Heidijayhawk said...

i already have scads of ideas! can't wait to follow along!

9:47 PM  
Blogger Shena said...

Love the Wisconsin comment (I grew up in Luck, WI) We are now in Minnesota and I've been trying my best not to leave the house the last couple of days - yet of course that means things come up and you have to go out in the 14 below weather...BRRR!!!

We're listed halfway through the tail list so hopefully it'll be a little warmer when it gets to us too.

Shena (=

10:42 AM  
Anonymous miss chris said...

Can't wait! Can't wait! What a fun little project this will be.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Lovely Paper said...

Hi Stacy,

Just incase you don't see this on my blog, here is my response:

The cards are actually 10" by 8" each. I think they're really great as far as quality, but I bought them and I never even opened the package until the other day. I figured someone else would appreciate them more.

Just let me know if you're still interested by emailing me at dawbis@gmail.com.

Have a great weekend!

9:56 AM  
Blogger Lis Garrett said...


We can't wait to start taking pictures - yee haw!

8:02 AM  

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