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Baby Shower Reveal

I've been meaning to photograph these gifts in their new baby room home, but it turns out that it takes a lot longer to tape off stripes on the walls than I ever imagined. And, well, since the baby probably won't actually sleep in there for another many months - I've decided to take my own sweet time (& hint heavily that the husband might like to do it??)

Instead, here's a little gallery of the fabulous baby items I received at our last bloggy get-together:

Fabulous wall art from Lauren. I've got a spot envisioned for it! A soft blankie (& some yummy bath products) from Heidi who, at the last minute, couldn't make it. (boo..) A tag blankie from Cindy, which is brilliant! A Pooh blanket from Michelle , which has a matching old fashioned style Pooh (that has taken up missing. Kenzie is hoarding TWO old fashioned Pooh's now!!) Lori made this adorable onesie and burper - in SANDRA BOYNTON fabrics. Who doesn't love Boynton books? Alicia gifted me one of her famous bird paintings, which is perfectly matched to the nursery colors & theme. Laura broke her machine (& then fixed it) on this adorable Minky blanket! Who knew you could buy yardage of diaper cloth?? The brilliant Chris did! She made these stylin' little burp cloths out of it. Amy somehow found the time (with her own newborn at home) to make this entire Polar Bear themed outfit (which Kenzie points out - is in my favorite color black!!) And, finally... Rachel made this wipe holder, which is already in my purse and I'm wondering how I ever lived without it...

I had such a nice time at the soiree held at Alicia's really cool home ~ and sincerely enjoy the friendships we've forged as a group of women. I'm still so flattered that each has taken the time to share their talents with my little family. Thanks so very much friends. Your generosity is humbling.

(sorry for the oddly cropped photos. The mosaic builder does that against my wishes & loud complaints.)



Blogger Alicia A. said...

I have done stripes for clients. Just make sure you end up with an EVEN number of sections... :)

Thanks for coming, Stacy, and for you know, making another human being so we could all have an excuse to make some fun stuff...

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

I'm so glad you are already putting the wipes holder to good use! And so glad you took time out of the crazy pregnant life to spend with us!

10:23 PM  
Anonymous misschris said...

I've done stripes, too... and it does take a while... Make sure you don't leave the tape up too long though -- sometimes even painters tape will leave the tiniest line where it meets the paint. Can't wait for photos!

And thanks for giving me a really good reason to cut into all that DC yardage. Sure you don't need another 20?

10:48 AM  

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