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a mini pedi.

I meant to post this on Kenzie's Doodles , but erroneously chose the wrong blog on the dashboard. Oh well. It's kind of artsy enough to belong here too. :)

We added some lovely to Kenzie's fingers and toes. And, then at Kenzie's insistence - to Mama's toes too. (I don't "do" nails. Just don't like my hands enough to draw attention to them. :)

For a fun pedi and/or mani -- use the non-toxic paint markers to dot, stripe, or smiley face on those nails. It's worth a giggle for the wee one. And, it's good distraction from a bad paint job.



Anonymous Amy said...

So cute! I need a pedicure. I'm totally going to do some polka dots now :)

8:27 AM  

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