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Reversible skirt

Just playing around with an idea for my gal and nieces. A reversible skirt that can be worn with a simple tutu beneath.
It turned out pretty cutely.

Photos turned out worse than that. I very much wanted to jazz up her hair, & insert a shirt that went with the "look." But, then I thought. "Ah, hell. Why bother?"

If you close your left eye, squint your right eye, and look out the side of your head - you can .ALMOST. see it, right?

If I'd had the foresight - I would have skipped this mess of a photo session, headed straight outside, and waited 2.6 minutes before pulling out the camera. By that time, she would have been sitting in the rainwater puddle and I would have caught a much better shot. She may have been sopping wet, but at least she wouldn't be a blur of highpitched bed-headed giggles.

Ah, but really...this RUN from the camera game is SO much fun!!!
It. just. never. gets. old.

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Blogger Heidijayhawk said...

love he idea to pieces! super cute babe!

7:26 AM  
Blogger Maize Hutton said...

Very cute! Get her a pair of pink rubber boots and she'll be all set for the puddles!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have some really great tutus!! I have been making them for my daughter for her ballet class, so she 'stands out'! I was wondering, I have a few questions about the tutu process, if you have time, e mail me- I can't seem to find a contact for you. My e mail is jheinsinger@aol.com, thanks!!! Keep the good work up.

7:12 AM  

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