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Big Bowl o' pincushions.

See my new bowl? Isn't what's going on with the glaze just lovely??

Amy made it. Not only did I get the bowl, but I got to meet Amy & her, her, her, & her at a bloggy get-together this past weekend!

Can you believe I walked away with more than this bowl?? Jenny, is moving, and had mounds of excess goodies. (not to mention, the MOST fantastic home). With very little prompting, we all took care of a significant amount of that problem for her! :) On an aside, my poor husband had been quite worried about me -- meeting up with a whole bunch of people I met "on the internet...." What a pleasant surprise for he & me!

Ok, see what's inside the bowl? It's some pincushions I had started for all of them, which I'll admit to some severe procrastination. The short story is that I had an event in another city before the bloggy get together. I had this novel idea, stolen from Maize to make some pincushions for the gals. Maize had sent me one -- which I promptly attached to the bobbin winder on my machine.... The thing has saved me from profuse cussing in my studio. My main pincushion always seems to be at another spot in the room when I need it, so this little guy is always on the ready while I'm sewing and removing pins. I also have one downstairs for pinning emergencies. So, I thought the thing was brilliant and I set about making some as little gifts for my new friends. The plan was to finish them all IN THE CAR. And, then...my daughter puked during the car-ride. Twice. And, I didn't get the pincushions done. I kind of forgot about them after all that puking. Sigh.

Yet, now they're done. They are cute and simple and ready to be given. A moment too late. But ready for next time.



Blogger capello said...

ooooo... and they're so cute too!

it was great meeting your saturday!

6:14 PM  
Anonymous estea said...

cool - that means it will be at my house that I will receive my puke-deferred pincushion! yay!


your husband is funny...crafty girls do not stalkers make...

6:14 PM  
Blogger Heidijayhawk said...

oh how i wish i could have been part of that get together! can we do it again?! awesome pin cushions!

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Alicia A. said...

Oh, they're so cute. Makes me want next time to hurry up! It was great to meet you, Stacy. You're awfully adorable...

7:40 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Love your new blue bowl... and the pincushions are so cute! Hope your little one is feeling better!

8:14 AM  
Blogger amy h said...

I'm glad you like the bowl! And would you believe I do not own a pin cushion? So I'll be sure to make it to the next get-together. :)

I like the new banner, too.

4:02 PM  
Blogger beki said...

Wow, those are really cute! I've never thought to hang a pinchshion on my machine, good idea!

8:16 AM  

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