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Go Aways

...kid tested, mother approved...

As result of the Go Away sign I made for my front door, a few mom's suggested I make one for them. Although not as sophisticated as my own - here are the resulting "go away" messages. These should just be hung on the door when the kid can't play. Mine requires it be flipped when she can ...and cannot ...play. It gets a bit old to have the kids reminding me that clearly it needs to be flipped (from the "cannot play" side) because Kenzie is outside playing. right. now. So the sign is WRONG. And they'll keep chatting me up about it - until I fix the sign, for crap's sakes. That would be the only failure with my original idea...

One family has two kids with longer names, so I settled on "we" instead of personalizing with the names. Yep, Lazy.

The other, has the name included.

Cute, No???



Blogger beki said...

Those are so cute! It really is a brilliant idea.

11:19 AM  

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