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Color week: Green

Always the untimely one - I'm jumping into the color week with my green photo. I missed yesterday..... drat!

By coincidence, I received my most recent frivolous Etsy purchase today - this shamrock pendant. Although it's been clinging to my neck the rest of the day - I hung it against my window for this shot. Sort of a talisman to fight off the rainy cold weather that has struck my land these past few days... The greenish background is the wet, wet, wet grass outside....

I love the piece in itself, however, I am not in love with that white globby imperfection at the bottom. Hmphf. I've contacted the seller about it. At least however, the pendant made a rather {obvious} contribution opportunity to Color week.

Tomorrow: pink.
That is my least favorite color. It'll be a challenge for me. Challenges are good though!

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Blogger Heidijayhawk said...

lovely green! it totally cracks me up that you don't do pink...and your tutus are about the girliest thing EVER produced! it really does make me giggle! the contridictions in the gifts we are given...or something like that! i think god likes a bit of a giggle sometimes too!

9:01 AM  

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