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Another tutu

Another tutu
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Duh. Sorry, this blog is becoming a bit tutu laden lately.
This one is for my etsy shop. I'm loving the flower embellishment at the waist. I took flowers apart to create my own this time. It's not as "gawdy" (husbands words) as some were previously using the entire flower. Less is more, you know??? :)

I also finished a second one, but I need to re-shoot it. It's a new approach too, stuffed with tulle instead of petals for an extra poofy skirt. However, extra poofy means extra difficult to photograph, apparently.

Next up -- Perhaps I'll be hanging all the art in my daughters room, and starting a mural in there. I say perhaps, as "we'll see." I cannot imagine how difficult it will be to paint on her walls with her dangling from my knee caps wanting to help. It may not happen. I will however, aim to hang the art, and take photos of it. I realized this afternoon - that aside from one cheapo bookcase and a cutesy toy chest -- I have altered, refinished, or created every item in there. I do hope that's a good thing???

And, rambling aside. Curtains. I need some of those!! I'll be making some tonight while the hubby entertains himself at a friends with some beer, er, um I mean, basketball.



Anonymous Andy Weinstock said...

If you really want to do some "serious" tutu's, come to the tulle source.
We'll both be happy you did.
We stock 65 colors of tulle, and 41 colors of iridescent tulle.
We'd love to add some of your pix to our web site at www.tulle.net.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Alicia A. said...

I saw a tutu in a little boutique in Texas and thought of you. They were way poufy- kind of had the feel of a petticoat that might be under a square dance skirt- but they were pretty cute and sold for $60! A woman bought two of them while we were in the store.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Melissa R. Garrett said...

You can never have too many tutus as far as I'm concerned. My little niece from Dublin may be visiting this summer. If so, I do believe there will be a tutu in her future ;-)

4:08 PM  
Blogger Ribbon Rock Star said...

I looove this!!! Just found your blog from Melissa (above)!


1:06 PM  

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