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Remember when this was a craft blog??

Sheesh. Me neither.
I do hope to whip-up a few shenanigans in the near future. There seems to be quite a few babies whom are about to join this wonderful world. And, they'll be needing something pretty!

This is pretty much how I've spent the past week. Hanging outside despite the heat (there's a fan blowing at the back of my head and I'm under an umbrella!) while the gal pretends away in one of the zillion tents (aka: caves, houses, forts, bedrooms, etc.) I've been forced to construct. I've found myself reading a lot and really enjoyed this book: Snow Flower & the Secret Fan and would recommend it for your own lazy day reading.

Turns out that we'll be staying put for awhile, at least. My husband has been offered a "retention plan" while his company finalizes their sale to another restaurant industry. This offers some financial bribing to stay put while the transition occurs. Truth is, we'll come out smelling like roses as long as he can find a job soon after this one ends. So, we're stable for another year, approximately. Then things will go haywire.

So, with that load off of our shoulders - I'm back in the creative spirit again and able to sit back and enjoy moments like the above. For you locals - if you haven't seen Funky Mama go seek her out. She's a hoot. Her music is just cool enough that parents have a good time watching her too.

Crafting to resume shortly. :)



Blogger beki said...

Hanging out reading a book sounds good to me. Enjoy the rest of summer!

7:53 AM  
Blogger Relentless said...

Oh, phew -- how glad I am that you've all got a "stay of execution" for the next year. I hate to think of your little girl parted from her birthday buddy.
The summertime lounging looks delicious, too :)

10:20 AM  
Blogger Java Mama said...

Love the picture. It looks like a nice resting spot - isn't that how summers are supposed to be? Relaxing? Glad to hear things are normalizing a bit. Even better that there is some financial benefit in it all. Have a great weekend.

1:40 PM  

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