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happy customer....

What a pleasure it is to see my tutus in action!! I received these adorable photos today of a happy customer, and also received permission to use them at my shop. They bring an enormous smile to my face!! How cute is this gal in my white and red tutu??? SERIOUSLY, cute...that's how cute!

It's fabulously spring-like outdoors lately, and we've been enjoying it! I think I've have a slight dose of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) as the fresh air, bright sun, and general springy-ness has brought me out of hibernation with a refreshed attitude. I've managed to clean up some flower beds, finished the corner desk for my daughters room and jumped head first right into a zillion other projects. (I even got my hair done and my teeth cleaned!!) I'm happy to see the buds and blooming action going on outside, and am anxious for leaves, leaves, leaves to be on the trees! Unfortunately, we've still got to get through the "April Showers" part of the season, but at least my daughter's birthday will be celebrated in the middle of that...(not to mention a dental filling that needs to be replaced. Yuck.)

I was surprised at the level of excitement about the tails that's been displayed by family & friends. I've made a few tails for my shop lately and just have to figure out how to photograph the boogers. There's been many a request for more of the dinosaur version. I haven't even gotten a chance to try out my other ideas (mermaids are next!!) One problem -- My dinosaur designs have used corduroy. I mentioned that I used all my corduroy on those freaking window snakes, trying to eliminate drafts & warm up my house.

While at the fabric stores, I inquired about where to find green corduroy and earned a seriously snide cackle -- "It's the WRONG season for corduroy!!!" Shoot. I'm hoping to trip over some at a clearance section somewhere. I can't believe I never realized that fabric selections rotate with the seasons, just as clothing stores do. Brilliant -- but a thorn in my side...



Blogger Melissa R. Garrett said...

Oh those photos are SO adorable! And don't feel too bad - I had no idea fabric was seasonal, except those with obvious holiday designs. :-)

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Alicia A. said...

And linen too. Linen is only Spring/early Summer, so stock up if you like linen.

And there's the answer to your tutu model question- Put them on *someone* and make her sit down and spread it all out around her. If she'll let you.

9:26 PM  

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