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Back Tack Reveal!

(photos of the finished product)
(main blog, description of the goodies on June 30).

My backtack package has arrived with some super fun stuff! I wouldn't take better photos than the creator, so please visit the links above!

Thanks Caro, of Splityarn! Kenzie has already began toting around the wee bag made just for her. And she nearly hyperventilated with monkey sounds when I opened the package. You've spoiled me, and your craftsmanship makes me drool with envy! Very creative, fantabulous work, and a generous supply of goodies -- this has been such a fun experience!

I must admit, I've wandered across your blog on several occasions and have always enjoyed your creations. Your creativity is apparently endless....

Thanks again!! I'll think kind thoughts of you each and every time I use it! ~S



Blogger Kimberli said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU a MILLION TIMES THANK YOU! I got my BACKTACK package just as I was heading out on my vacation week up in the mountain = knitting!! I filled it and toted it with me EVERYWHERE!!!! How FUN!!!! Thanks!!! I'll post some photos of it and the loot and did email the photo you asked me too! Cheers! Kimberli

4:19 PM  

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